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Everyone has a role to play

When it comes to workforce development, everyone has a role to play.

Edge Factor equips K-12 and Postsecondary Schools, Businesses, and Workforce Development leaders to access and share our tools through platform Memberships, Virtual & Live Events, and Media Creation.

1. Start with your Membership

Get started! Purchase an Edge Factor membership so that your School, Company, or Organization can access our tools. The more memberships that are purchased, the greater the bulk discounts!


CLICK HERE to check out the Features of an Edge Factor membership for Schools!

2. Host a custom Virtual or Live Event

From school auditoriums to stadiums… Students to CEO’s, and educators to parents,
Edge Factor hosts high impact presentations that captivate audiences!

In light of COVID, communities are partnering with us to host virtual events with Exhibitor Halls,
Keynote presentations, and access to Edge Factor media.

Optional Add-on: Keynote Presentations

Jeremy Bout, Founder of Edge Factor and award-winning film Director, is a dynamic entrepreneur
and motivational speaker. Inspiring audiences to explore careers in skilled trades, Jeremy uses
the power of storytelling to share important life lessons.

3. Create Media

Your community is filled with success stories that will inspire the next generation. Edge Factor travels coast to coast to capture these stories! Here are some of the types of videos we create:

1. Virtual Workplace Experiences

Dynamic virtual field trips help students discover the key aspects
of what it's like to work in diverse industries. Featuring walk-and-talk
tours that highlight things like safety, tools and equipment, how STEAM
comes alive on-the-job, related careers, and more. (Starts at $5000)

Click here to view samples!


2. Immersive VR Workplace Experiences

VR Workplace Experiences provide immersive and experiential virtual field
trips for students to discover real life work environments. This content can
be loaded into your Community EFVR App.
(Starts at $5000)

Contact us to view samples!


3. Technical Education Success Stories

Do you have a CTE, SHSM, or Apprenticeship program that you want to highlight? These short videos include inspirational interviews with students
and educators and encourage viewers to enroll in training programs!

Click here to view samples!


4. Profiles: Companies, Careers, Schools, and Programs

Edge Factor creates profile videos that showcase an overview of your organization and the Careers and Programs you offer! You can add these to your Business, K-12 or Postsecondary Membership profiles.

BONUS:  We add Career Profiles to our official library of career exploration tools, shared internationally.


"Edge Factor has provided our students with an inside look into many fascinating careers that exist right here in our local communities. The online materials are engaging and captivate the interest of students. This tool is helping our students to learn today and lead tomorrow."

- Keith Lefebvre
Superintendent of Education, Bluewater District School Board
Bruce-Grey, Ontario

Keith Lefebvre | Superintendent of Education

Bluewater District School Board

Bruce-Grey, Ontario


"I am thrilled that NASA HUNCH is able to partner with such an outstanding organization as Edge Factor.  Their incredibly engaging videos provide the inspiration needed for our future workforce to achieve their dreams."

- Florence Gold
NASA HUNCH Implementation Project Manager

Michael Stewart | Technically A Director

Grand Erie, Ontario

“We’ve been using Edge Factor in our schools for several years. They’ve aligned their content to some of our courses, helping our teachers present key learning components. The videos and activities are very well done and present careers and with the skill sets needed to be successful in those fields."

- Carmine Romano, OYAP/Co-op Coordinator
Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board
Grand Erie, Ontario

Grand Erie, Ontario | Technically A Director


"Bosch is proud to sponsor the Edge Factor program which challenges our students and prepares them for the future. On behalf of Bosch, we are delighted to be part of this exciting opportunity.”

- David Lee, Director of Lincolnton Centre
North Carolina, United States

Michael Stewart | Technically A Director

Rapides Parish Schools

"At the end of the day, every student is a career student. Edge Factor is something that can work for every student."

- LaRunda Hobbs-Pierce, CTE Director
Rapides Parish Schools
Rapides, Louisiana

Michael Stewart | Technically A Director

Iredell, North Carolina

"The Edge Factor resources allow us to show students how the topics (Math, Science, etc.) we are teaching are used in real-life and relate to real-world careers... It’s eye-opening!"

- Julie Blocker, CTE Assistant Dir
Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD)
Iredell, North Carolina

Kevin Graham, Principal | Technically A Director

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board

Hamilton, Ontario

Iredell, North Carolina

“Edge Factor is a great investment, as together we focus on
workforce development and providing an economic driver for this county.”

- Gene Houpe, County Commissioner
Iredell, North Carolina

Michael Stewart | Technically A Director

Grand Erie, Ontario

"We're using Edge Factor in our counselors' offices… The value of Edge Factor for students in Calcasieu Parish, and the CTE department, is extremely valuable. We have to have it!”

- Tony McCardle, CTE Director
Calcasieu Parish Schools
Calcasieu, Louisiana

Calcasieu, Louisiana | Technically A Director

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board

“Mohawk College is pleased to be working with Edge Factor on this exciting initiative. We look forward to seeing how this tool can introduce more people to the many training and career possibilities in our city and region.”

- Paul Armstrong, Vice President
Mohawk College
Hamilton, Ontario

Kevin Graham, Principal | Technically A Director

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board

Hamilton, Ontario

Grand Erie, Ontario

“The presentations provided by Edge Factor have been instrumental in introducing students to and making them aware of our local industries and future career possibilities!”

- Dr. Cale Sain, CTE Director & Principal
Lincoln County School of Technology
Lincoln, North Carolina

Lincoln, NC | Technically A Director

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