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Nomination Form:

Complete this form to nominate a company and/or individual to be featured in a Virtual Workplace Experience video!

Watch the highlight reel:

This video provides highlights from our many Virtual Workplace Experience film shoots. 


If you meet the criteria, we can feature your nominee for free!

If your nomination meets the criteria below and is chosen to be featured, we'll be able film this media for FREE! If your nomination doesn't fit the criteria, don't sweat it! You can still fill out the form below and next time we're in your area, we'll connect with you. Companies can also purchase Virtual Workplace Experiences for $5000 + travel. Email for more info.


Funded Filming Opportunities - Criteria:

Hamilton, Ancaster, Stoney Creek or Waterdown
Construction Must be filmed before July 2022.



Southern Ontario

Funeral Services

Must be filmed before June 2022



Southern Ontario

Human Services: Fashion Designer, Makeup Artist, and Interior Designer

Must be filmed before June 2022.


Southern Ontario

Public Safety: Police Officers and Paramedics 

Must be filmed before August 2022.



Southern Ontario

Business: Insurance, Finance, Real Estate, Telemarketers

Must be filmed before August 2021.


Planning Details:

How we Plan and Prepare for Video Production

  • If your nomination is accepted, we'll email you to schedule a 30 min call. Our producers will discuss which topics and characters you're interested in featuring, answer your questions, and hopefully, begin scheduling the video shoot.

  • The film shoot usually takes about 2-3hrs and only requires one crew member on-set. Gear is minimal, allowing us to film with appropriate PPE, physical distancing, and all other COVID-19 regulations (depending on your facility). The videographer will coach you and the host of the video every step of the way.

How we Publish and Share the Video Production 

  • After we edit the video, we'll share a private link for you to view it and add notes for the editor. Once the video is approved, our graphics team will create the artwork, and we'll publish the video on the widely used Edge Factor platform, for thousands of schools and communities across North America to enjoy.

  • The video will be shared for free during specific months of the year and heavily promoted to schools, organizations, and families, through our Virtual Experiences: Click here to view.

  • The featured company will have their logo included in the video, and the lifetime rights to publicly play the content (i.e. during career fairs, presentations, etc.). They will also be able to share it through Edge Factor. 

  • We will help the featured company add their Company Profile to the Edge Factor platform too (providing more info on who they are and what they do!).

  • If a local School Board funded this project, they will have the rights to upload the video outside of the Edge Factor platform (i.e. YouTube).

A bit about Edge Factor:

Edge-Factor_EF-Rings_White-4Edge Factor is a widely used e-learning platform that equips job seekers and students to explore career opportunities. We produce thousands of career exploration media and tools for schools, workforce development leaders, and companies to share our resources with students in classrooms, families at home, and at events. In the last year, we've filmed 145+ Virtual Workplace Experiences + 1200+ videos on careers, STEAM & Soft Skills!


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A nod to the brands we've worked with

Over the last 10 years, we have filmed with countless brands and companies in every industry -
healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, hospitality and tourism, IT, construction, the list goes on!
Some of the partners we've featured include... 

kaiser-permanente_blue_tr_landscapeLincoln-Electric-Logo-v1-2MasterCAM_LogoMicrosoft_grey-multi_tr_longNBC-Logo-2nasa_blue-red-white_tr_croppedSiemens_teal_trSkillsON LogoTaylor-guitars_red_tr_small_200pxx-games_black-red_tr_long