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Casting Call

Nominate a story or person to be featured in Edge Factor productions!

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Complete this form to nominate a story, person, or brand to be featured in Edge Factor's library!


Planning Details

How We Plan and Prepare for Video Production

  • If your nomination is accepted, we'll email you to schedule a 30 minute call. Our producers will identify which media series and topics will best meet your needs, answer questions, and schedule the shoot. 📆

  • Our cinematographers are experts in making people feel comfortable on-camera and we will coach the talent, every step of the way. 😃 📹

How We Publish and Share the Video Production 

  • After the video is filmed and edited, we'll send the featured organization a link to preview and approve the content before it's published. Our Graphics team will then create artwork and publish the content on Edge Factor's widely-used platform, for thousands of schools and communities to enjoy. Our E-learning Coordinators will build accompanying educational tools and our Marketing Team will promote the content.

  • The featured organization's logo will be included in the video and they will have lifetime rights to publicly play the content.

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A bit about Edge Factor

Edge Factor is a smart platform that inspires people to explore, prepare, and connect on their career journey.

Our Library has 3100+ career exploration media and tools for schools, families, workforce development leaders, companies to share in classrooms, events, and homes. There is something for everyone - from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and ages 18+.

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A nod to the brands we've worked with

Over the last 10 years, we have filmed with countless brands and companies in every industry - healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, hospitality and tourism, IT, construction, the list goes on!