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With Edge Factor, students become immersed in a career exploration journey. Our goal is to take students from, "I have no idea what I want to do with my life!" all the way to launching a local training and career pathway.

In this Career Journey, there are 4 key phases:  Inspiration, Exploration, Preparation, and Connection.
This is how Edge Factor categorizes our thousands of videos, interactive activities, and lesson plans:

Edge Factor's Career Journey

How it Works

Edge Factor’s e-learning platform equips  educators and students with story-driven media and interactive activities. Schools can purchase Edge Factor Premium memberships to share these tools in classrooms, homes, and at events, and assign content for students to complete.

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Edge Factor Tools

We inspire students to pursue skilled trades, provide tools to explore careers and virtual  field trips, prepare to enter the workforce with STEAM and Soft Skills, and connect with local training and careers.

Our team of educators align our content to specific state/ province-wide curriculums and programs, which helps educators understand when and how to share our content with students. 

Here are descriptions and links to the different types of media and series we create:


Inspirational Stories

Edge Factor's award winning, cinematic films inspire students and job-seekers to begin their career journey. Sharing real life stories of people overcoming obstacles and pushing back the edge of what's possible, this is edutainment at it's best!




Industry Profiles

Healthcare, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Construction, Transportation... Edge Factor has created a robust series of videos and self-guided Student Activities that showcase what various industries look like in today's modern world. 




Virtual Field Trips

Take a virtual field trip to learn what it's like to work in diverse industries and companies! Edge Factor has produced 130+ Virtual Workplace Experiences, each highlighting key aspects, skills needed, and technology used. Lesson Plans included.




Soft Skills

Help prepare students and job-seekers to enter the workforce with employability and ethics skills. The "Success Factor" video series teaches essential life skills with a comedic but hard-hitting approach. Includes Quizzes and Lesson Plans.




Local Training Profiles

Raise awareness of your School and recruit new students into the Programs you offer! Under the "Create" tool, schools can add a video, photos, logo, and text descriptions of all of their courses, classes and extracurricular programs.



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Free Toolkits

Edge Factor has everything you need to host an engaging virtual presentation or event! Each FREE turnkey event toolkit includes free media, keynote presentations, and "How To" guidebooks. In 2021, we are offering six free toolkits. 



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Student Assignments

Edge Factor has a customized experience for students! Students can login to self explore media, join a Class, and complete assignments! Educators can create Classes and add students by sharing Class Codes.

Click here to learn how.


Careers of the Future

How is technology impacting the future? This series helps students and job-seekers discover how emerging and disruptive technologies, like AI, Industry 4.0, and Robotics are impacting industries and shaping the future of work.



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Career Profiles

What does a "day in the life" look like in diverse career pathways? Edge Factor has created hundreds of 3-5 minute videos that highlight careers and show how STEAM and Soft Skills come alive in the real world. 



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STEAM on-the-job

Show how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math come alive in the real world! These short videos feature people in careers explaining STEAM topics and how they are used in careers. Interactive Quizzes included.




Financial Literacy

Setting goals, Budgeting, Credit Cards, Saving... Empower your audience to understand and manage their finances with the "Blacksmith's Guide to Financial Freedom" series! Each unit includes 3-4 videos, quizzes, and Lesson Plans. 




Local Company Profiles

Equip students and job-seekers to discover local companies and careers. Companies can create and publish a Company Profile for FREE on the Edge Factor platform! They can add a video, photo, logo, text descriptions and link to their website.



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Kidder Kits

Have you purchased Kidder Kits?
Edge Factor has created a page for school boards to accompany  hands-on Kidder projects with high impact career exploration media. Check it out! Educator's Planning Guide included.



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BETA: Virtual Reality

Put on your Oculus goggles and be taken into a whole new career experience in Virtual Reality! Edge Factor's content team is developing several extraordinary VR experiences for students and job-seekers to explore industries.

Click to learn more.

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If your school has a Premium Edge Factor membership, every educator and student can login!
We make it easy and safe to access our e-learning platform.

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Accessible on All Devices

Students and educators can access Edge Factor's e-learning platform on any wifi-connected device!

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We Protect your Data

Protecting student data is incredibly important to us. We ensure end-to-end encryption, regular security audits and 24/7 monitoring.

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Integrations for Easy Login Access

Educators and Students can seamlessly login to Edge Factor through Google SSO and other 3rd party integrations.

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Support Services


Our dynamic and knowledgeable Support Team is here to help! We provide:

- Webinars: Weekly and Custom Training Sessions to help educators learn how to navigate the Edge Factor platform.
Sign up today: offers.edgefactor.com/webinars

- Help Desk: a robust library of articles and tutorial videos: knowledge.edgefactor.com

- Email Support: support@edgefactor.com 

- Phone Support: (716) 805-EDGE (3343) ext. 405


Pricing: Memberships


Every Edge Factor membership is an annual, brick and mortar license that includes an unlimited number of educator and student accounts. The regular price of a membership is $2500 + tax.

- If your school is an elementary school, middle school, or if your high school has less than 500 students enrolled, you can save 60%! This would make your membership $1000 for one year.

- If you register for a FREE toolkit, you can save 10% on your membership.

Contact info@edgefactor.com to receive an official Quote!


Book a Demo

See it for yourself! Click here to view a pre-recorded webinar or book a live demo with one of our team members below. Whether you are a current Premium Edge Factor member, looking to book a training session, or if you're considering purchasing a membership, we'd love to demo the platform for you.

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Personalize the Platform for your Community!

You can personalize the Edge Factor platform by inviting local Workforce Development Leaders and Companies to add information on your local community! This includes Labor Market Index info, Company Profiles with videos, images, and website links, Community Directories, and more. Email info@edgefactor.com to learn more.


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