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Edge Factor invites your school to...

Host a "Faces of the Future" event!

Edge Factor is inviting you to host an in-school live event experience!
Inspire students to explore, prepare, and connect on their Career Journey into the Trades.

The Edge Factor tour bus is coming to your area - and we'd love to make a stop at your school!
Runtime of the Event: 2 hours

"Faces of the Future" event highlights include:

1) A Motivational Keynote Presentation

🎤🔥 We kickoff the event with an inspirational presentation by Jeremy Bout, the founder of Edge Factor and a manufacturer-turned-filmmaker! His dynamic and engaging speaking style paired with his personable, storytelling approach captivates students' attention.

This high-impact, age appropriate 40-minute presentation covers the following topics:

  • 💪 The importance of resiliency and transferable skills in the real world 💪
  • 🔨 The extraordinary training and career opportunities available in the skilled trades (OYAP, SHSM, Co-Op, Tech programs + Career Pathways) 🔨
  • 🌟 Real-life stories of people who have overcome challenges to achieve success 🌟

Students leave feeling inspired and empowered, with a renewed sense of hope for their future. And then they head to our Virtual Reality experience...

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2) Virtual Reality: Immersive Learning

💡 Students will discover the thrilling world of skilled trades with Edge Factor's VR booth! 🤩
Our immersive 360-degree virtual reality experiences give students the opportunity to explore industries and technology like manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and 3D printing like never before! Students hear the voices of industry professionals sharing insights and get a realistic and engaging view of what it's like to work in the trades! 🚀💪

3) "Faces of the Future" Photo Shoot

After VR, students are curious about what their future could hold! Let Edge Factor's "Faces of the Future" capture their potential through fun photos to help students see themselves in a rewarding career, with a special focus on the exciting world of skilled trades. 📸

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Contact us! We'd love to plan this event with you. We make it easy! ✅

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