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The Show

On Edge Factor Talk, we call up past Edge Factor stars and everyday heroes to chat about the intersection of current events and diverse career pathways - including the STEAM and Soft skills used on the job.


EF Talk Task List v2

Pre-Assessment Tools

Access our free Pre-Assessment Activities for each episode to spark students’ curiosity, learn more about what they already know, and inspire them to think critically about career and STEAM topics.

Students will complete a Jr. Producer Task List and then be given an opportunity to submit interview questions for an upcoming episode. Everyone who submits a question will find their name in the credits and those who submit a featured question will receive an Edge Factor Prize Pack.

Student Activity-1

Accompanying Activity

If you have a paid Edge Factor Membership, make sure to assign students the accompanying activity so that you can use the assessment tools to evaluate the information learned by your students.

If your school uses My Blueprint, have students download an Edge Factor Talk badge and answer some reflection questions on their experience.

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